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Turn-Key Cluster Solutions

Based on Qlustar and together with our hardware partners, we provide HPC cluster installations perfectly tailored to your needs. Leveraging our experience in cluster architecture, your ideas and requirements will be turned into a custom designed compute solution that will meet all of your expectations.

We're capable of taking over all stages of your cluster projects: be it consulting for the optimal hardware and its installation, Cluster OS setup and configuration, performance tuning, application management, general support or even operating. Just decide what parts you need help with and rest assured that we'll do a great job for you.

QlusZio Storage Clusters

Scalable, reliable and fast storage is one of the major requirements in many fields these days. With our QlusZio software defined storage setup we provide an open-source solution that turns networked x86 commodity storage servers into a fault-resilient multi-purpose data powerhouse that scales to dozens of petabytes and an aggregate throughput of well beyond 250GB/s. Supporting parallel filesystems like Lustre and BeeGFS, Ceph or iSCSI for block storage, S3 object storage and Hadoop for data analytics, it leaves nothing to be desired.

Qlustar Support

Q-Leap customers will confirm: Our highest priority is top support. Solving our clients problems always comes first for us and we'll spare no effort to find a fast and optimal solution when you're in trouble. It's a given that you can't find better support for Qlustar than at its creators here at Q-Leap. Knowing in detail about every bits and pieces of Qlustar, you can rest assured that we'll solve your issues professionally and fast.

Cluster Application Management

The real value of an HPC cluster comes with its applications. Here at Q-Leap we provide various components to ensure you get the most out of your hardware:

  • A large collection of optimized software packages for open-source engineering codes like OpenFoam, CodeAster, or TLPS.
  • The Qlustar BioStack delivering a huge selection of easily deployable and cluster-optimized Bioinformatics software packages based on the DebianMed project we're a member of.
  • Extensive expertise in the setup and management of many commercial engineering codes, like Ansys Classical, CFX, Fluent, Abaqus, LS-Dyna, VPS Solutions, Nastran, Permas, Particleworks or nanoFX.
  • For most of these programs, we provide powerful submit scripts with a standardized user interface. These scripts make it really easy for cluster users to efficiently start and manage their simulations on the cluster and hide the complexity they would otherwise be faced with.