About us

About Q-Leap

We at Q-Leap are a small team of Linux HPC and storage cluster enthusiasts. Our motivation comes from the joy to design stable, performant and efficiently managed systems through innovative open-source software solutions. The Q-Leap team takes big pride to be part of the open-source revolution and to contribute its work to it. This happens both directly via our Cluster OS Qlustar and indirectly via the Debian work by some of its members.

Q-Leap is privately owned, fully self-financed and hence absolutely independent. This is a big plus for our customers, since they are not subject to wild changes in company and/or product policies resulting from the hunt for quick profits by external investors. Our policy and decisions are solely based on what's good for our customers, good for our products and good for our team.

Q-Leap stands for

Aiming for the best

We're not satisfied with solutions that just work. For any problem to be solved, we'll think hard to find the best answer. We believe in 'Do it right or not at all'. No compromise allowed here.


Q-Leap is a pioneer in Linux HPC software and cluster design with a track record of 18+ years. Our experience is an excellent guide. It helps us to distinguish between good and bad ways of doing things. A treasure you can tap into.


While our experience connects to the past, our curiosity and the desire for constant improvement and optimization opens our path to the future and the innovative solutions Q-Leap provides.


Any open-source software, including Qlustar, lives from the reuse of the many great existing parts from the FOSS universe. Leveraging this wonderful foundation, Q-Leap software adds original well-thought solutions and designs. They result from a thorough analysis of the problem that needs to be solved, or the requirements of a feature to be implemented.


This is our promise:

  • You can rely on our support.
  • You can rely on our know-how.
  • You can rely on the quality of our software.
  • You can rely on us.


Our solutions and designs are created for the long-term. We prefer going the extra mile to get things right for good, rather than being happy with a short-term hack.


Automation and generalization and the resulting efficiency is another one of our mantras. We maximize these wherever possible in our designs/solutions, while keeping a close look at the balance towards avoiding over-complexity.

Systematic Troubleshooting

Problem solving and troubleshooting is in our DNA. Our systematic approaches supported by a broad and deep insight into all layers of the Linux HPC/storage software stack lead to fast and clean solutions.


... is one of our basic principles, be it towards our customers and partners, within our team or with the open-source community. We don't want you to work with us because you are forced to (keyword: vendor lock-in), but rather because you are convinced of the quality of our work and trust in us.

Helping under-privileged

By making Qlustar 100% open-source and free, we are also supporting academic and scientific institutions in less developed countries, which we highly enjoy. They could otherwise not afford a well-setup HPC system, often a key component to do state-of-the-art research. We hope by doing this, we can make a little contribution to the development of these institutions and countries and to reduce world-wide inequalities.