Q-Leap is looking for talented and motivated individuals to join its team.

You’ll be a top candidate if you

  • Are excited about working on Linux and new innovative solutions that will change the HPC software landscape.
  • Enjoy analyzing problems and figuring out smart solutions.
  • Want to take personal responsibility for your success and the success of our team.
  • Are self-motivated and open to working remotely.
  • Value open-source principles and are eager to contribute.
  • Have good English language skills both in speaking and writing.

All our technical employees are working on some aspect of Qlustar, be it developing its core software, supporting our customers who run Qlustar-based clusters or designing new HPC/Storage systems based on Qlustar for them. For any of these tasks, a good understanding of the different levels Qlustar operates on, is necessary. These are: Low-level system related (Linux kernel), operating system service related (Filesystems, service daemons, system startup, networking) as well as system management related (provided by QluMan).

The focus of any team member is on one or more of these layers/tasks, while there is a lot of flexibility to switch between them. The general term for such mixed positions is DevOps, meaning a mixture of development and operational tasks. At Q-Leap, the mixing ratio between the two components is individual and distinguishes the following job openings we currently have.

Available positions

This is primarily a software engineer position. If you want to help us make QluMan an even better cluster management suite and/or enjoy creating/optimizing the Qlustar node operating system, this is for you.

You'll need:

  • A good working knowledge in object-oriented Python (experience with QT programming is a big plus).
  • Proficiency in Git.
  • Bash Shell programming know-how.
  • Ideally some basic knowledge of Linux system management and rpm/deb packaging.

This position focuses mainly on supporting Q-Leap customers running Qlustar HPC and/or storage clusters. If you want to help them solving operational issues and contribute to their success, this is for you.

You'll need:

  • A systematic problem-solving/troubleshooting approach.
  • Proficiency on the Linux command line as well as system management and networking.
  • A good working knowledge in bash and git.
  • Good communication skills.

This position focuses mainly on designing, building customer HPC and Storage clusters for our customers. If you want to contribute to their success, this is for you.

You'll need:

  • A good knowledge of current Linux server and networking hardware.
  • Good understanding of Linux system management and networking.
  • Quick grasp of customer requirements.
  • Good communication and presentation skills.

We offer flexible work hours, competitive salaries as well as other benefits. Positions are fully remote. To apply for any of them, please click the button below.